Bullets of Rain

August 18, 2011
By BiteYourLipAndFakeIt SILVER, Johnstown, New York
BiteYourLipAndFakeIt SILVER, Johnstown, New York
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The rain hits my skin
Fresh, cold, wet bullets
To my heart
The tears follow
Marching to the sore beating drum,
The traitor that lies,
Beneath my breast
I’ve walked past your house
About eight times now
You don’t see that I’m crying
To be quite frank,
You don’t even notice me.
I finger at the wound.
Once red blood,
Now black goo
I fall to my knees
As if I am before thee block
I look up at the sky,
Its growing dark
I feel as if I am bout to see,
The last moment of my life
Before they behead me
You are thee king,
My heart thee traitor
My tears thee rain
My life thee invader
Tortured and burned
I open my eyes
I’m sitting on your porch
My eyes red and puffy
Your body warm
You’re looking into my eyes,
Telling me, “I’m sorry,
Please understand.
Please talk to me,
Please tell me that you’re okay,
Please tell me your mine”
I get up
Walk away
My tears mixing with the rain

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