Shoot For Talking

August 18, 2011
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Just standing outside.
Every day; talking, shooting baskets.
It didn’t matter if it was raining, hailing, or even sunny.
We were crazy.
Standing outside, wishing that we could be 14 forever.
Not needing to grow up.
Just me and Sarah;
my crazy neighbor and I.
We would talk about anything.
How she wanted to be a scientist, because she was inspired by Ms.Markov,
and how I was still undecided about my future.
That’s how we would relieve stress. We talked about everything.
Talked about how Michael is really tall,
how James is super talented in playing the piano,
how Erika loves Harry Potter. I have to admit we were really random.
We have our crazy imaginations take over us,
that’s how we built our kingdom.
We were kings,
and we had our friends be a queen, princess, prince, and anything we could think of.
To figure out why we were kings, instead of only one of us, Sarah said “When Lady Gaga gave birth to us, we came out holding hands.” I remember her exact words. I remember the moment when I was laughing and congratulating her for her brilliant idea. I remember our friends shocked faces when we told them. We would shoot baskets. Whenever any of us would make a couple in a row, we’d say “I’m on a roll.” And then say “Literally I’m on a roll.” Pretending that we were standing on a dinner roll. I will miss talking and shooting baskets as we get older. I just hope that our imagination comes with us as we continue to grow; and that we will still get together as we get older, maybe to defend our kingdom?

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