I Know I Didn't Cry Much When You Left

March 5, 2008

I know i didnt cry much when you left
but how do you respond to a grandfathers death?

you were a man of no fear
its weird not having you here
you were the most distant man in my life
but yet your death caused so much strife

Around me all i hear are cries
i look up and see the skies
is that where your resting at ? up there
why'd you have to go ? this isnt fair

So many words that were never said
yet so much that was spread
you blessed the family in a weird way
" i love you " isnt enough to say

Im glad you broke apart the cancer chain
no more gurt right ? no more pain ?
Now i know there's no reason to ask why
it just would have been nice to say goodbye

Now your in a better place
i'll always remember, miss your face

R.i.p. GRandpa - i love you.

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