March 5, 2008
By Alicia Young, Clarkston, MI

Gone he is.
Sadly I barely knew he was there.
The pain left behind could fill an ocean
with the grief, sorrow, and guilt in it too.
How can you cry over someone you never knew?

Gone she is.
We knew she was passing away.
My Aunt left her there,
To return and find her already gone.
Arriving to the funeral late, and missing the open casket, was a blessing.

Gone he is.
The cars hit and he died.
The crew leader at camp,
didn’t know he wouldn’t be serving there again.
Why did his death shake me up so much?

Gone she is.
Only 19 days old
Holly Hope I never saw
Too much tissue for her, yet not enough to dry my tears.
Why did she die so young?

Gone they are
Everyday we shed our tears, then slowly, we learn that life goes on.
Remembering them, all we can do is hope they are in a Better Place.

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