Rushing Anticipation

March 5, 2008
By Natalie foreman, Oak Park, MI

“Bump! Set! Spike!”

All resemble the pattern of the ball.

UP and Over.

“Mine, yours, out, over!”
The score board buzzing in my ear sweat glistens on the player’s foreheads and down there bulging arms. Legs shaking, knees bent, ready to receive.

Their voices echo through the gym
Coaches and second string players yell from the side lines, leaning over the edge of their seats with exhilaration.

“Get it! Help it!”
One girl receives bumping to the net, another set for another. The spiker slams hard, with a knee clashing victory. Across the ten foot line, players in spandex slide and clash.

“First match over”

You line up, and do it again.



she feels his warmth
the flex of his muscles

He holds her close
taking in her soul

she locks in on his eyes
deep as the seas unknown

he holds her neck
she strokes his leg

contact on body and soul
two becomes one

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