It Wasn't Enough

March 5, 2008
By Linda Dunklee, Garden City, MI

All she ever wanted
Was more than ever possible
But it didn't stop her from trying.

In her dreams, she held the sky in her hands
The only thing missing was the texture
But it was good enough.

In her nightmares, the stars were just a little out of reach
The gas slipping through her fingers
And she wished for it to freeze, just for a minute
So she could have it to take home
And keep forever.

In her stories, the world was but a marble
Full of chips and cracks
Just waiting for someone to mend it.
(She knew she could do it.)

In her imagination, she could catch the universe
In a butterfly net if she was patient enough
Putting it in a jar and poking holes
So wonderment could breathe.

In her life, they pulled her down
Telling her reality would take her further
And she fell, heartbroken
Because it wasn't enough to dream.

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