March 5, 2008
By Kaitlin Groff, East Earl, PA

I can't believe he's gone
He's out of my life forever,
And all this time I thought
We'd be together forever.
I lost the love of my life.
I lost my best friend.
I can't believe this happened,
I can't believe it came to an end.
I don't know what went wrong,
Everything was going well
I loved him more than anything
And everyone could tell.
He says he never liked me,
But I don't see how that can be,
After everything we've done together
I thought he'd always be there for me.
But I guess I was wrong
I guess he just wasn't the one,
I wish it wasn't true
But now he's really gone.
It wasn't that long ago
That I had to say goodbye,
But I miss him so much
All I want to do is cry.

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