Show emotion, Show weakness

March 5, 2008
you see in your mind's eye any where but home? The roof over your head? The place of you mother and father, brothers and sisters? It’s easy to run from all the confusion. All the frustration and small battles. You tell you’re self this every night, before wandering off into a hazy slumber.


are welcomed by screams when you wander through the door. Shouting over comes you, even though it’s not your fault. The air becomes tense and you join in on the screams. Silencing any one who dares second guess your words. You


every one small and you large. Your mother, sweet and innocent on the out side, releases her inner monster. Something she has kept well hidden for years. Lunging towards you, arms spread like a pouncing cat, attacks. A pounding in your ear as you hit the floor.

Pain over whelms your face. You brush your cheek with your palm. Feeling the open wound, and the cold blood run down. Now, it’s dad’s turn. He picks up your numbed body and slams you again, only this time much harder. He tells you you’re a disgrace and are to blame for every detail. But you know it’s not true.


single word would change all of this. One that hasn’t been mentioned for to long. A word that would bring back memories it makes your eyes puff, love. With fists clenched on your neck you stay strong. Holding back any ounce of emotion and take it. You keep your mouth shut and hold your breath. Would you ever live in such a hopeless and cold


…I wouldn’t.

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