August 15, 2011
A wish had come, but now it's gone.
Just as night's transformed into dawn.
The leaves whisper the secret, but dare not tell;
for that would ruin the magic of the wishing well.
The raindrops scatter the hopes and dreams,
beckoning the wishes of others at the seams.
The sly winds push them to take a chance
and soon people forget their personal stance.
They wish the love of their lives may find them some day,
and the evilness of their enemy might simply go away.
They wished of beauty, proving themselves to be vain.
Riches of such quality they had power to reign.
Somewhere in the backs of their mind spoke a soft voice.
Not many could hear it because of temptation's noise.
The voice sang of patience and courage that someday they'll be found.
I chimed of forgiveness where the hatred had crowned.
Hinting of the wonderful treasures within
and love family and friends can awaken.
Not paradise, but a happy place in-between.
Some take for granted the love they'd seen.
The well stands there dazed as no wish has been made,
So many before had wished then ran home; but the wish never stayed.
Why make a wish when everything you need is here?

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Independent said...
Aug. 19, 2011 at 9:54 pm
I like this poem alot!! It really makes you appreciate what you have.
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