Rainy Days

March 5, 2008
By Kelsey Pennington, Olathe, KS

Running and shouting
Having the time of their lives
The children play
That their twists and turns
Attract the thunderous rain

But, alas it does

They trudge inside
Starring longingly out the window

(rain rain go away come again another day so we may play rain rain go away)
Sighs and yawns fog the glass
Mother whips by and pulls the captives
Into housework
Trying to distract them from
What they miss most

And yet

Their eyes flicker towards that window
The rain spits and splatters
The minutes drag on
Time slows down

the clouds cry

Along with me
In perfect beat to the music I play
In an attempt to fool myself
Into thinking everything’s okay
When it’s not
I want to forget
Move on
End this uncharacteristic depression
That feeds on my soul and

Better judgment

I’m pathetic
And there’s nothing to do about it
Because that’s what love does to a person
It consumes the
Body, Mind and Soul
Turning and churning the heart
Until only sap and mush remain
I see the toll it has taken on me
On my life

Yet I cannot bring myself to feel regret

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