without you

August 8, 2011
By cgeames SILVER, Kalispell, Montana
cgeames SILVER, Kalispell, Montana
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Heal my heart and make me sane
Make me feel complete again
This burning hole I call my heart
Was always yours from the start
Now it burns and falls to pieces
Hurts so much it finally ceases
I'm nothing now I hope you see
Worthless, when there's no you and me
My pain is something I try to hide
All I need is you by my side
I fight these tears, I try to run
Only to see what's done is done
My withered soul my broken heart
once was whole now just part
This breaks me down, makes me sad
Remembering the times we had
I wish I could go back, and change my ways, back to you, your love and better days.
Now I think about what I've done
This war of ours can not be won
Its only when we join you'll see
That you will always be meant for me
when I'm all yours and your all mine
Then I know my life will be fine
Till that day I lie in sorrow
Only to wait for tomorrow
Cause maybe then we'll be complete
Until that day these words I'll speak
Another day without my love
I'll be here, when push comes to shove
I'll be here standing strong
Till you come back where you belong.

The author's comments:
I lost someone very close to me and my poetry helps me get the words out to make me feel better

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