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August 8, 2011
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As I look back at the life that’s passed me by
I can but see glimpse; for time dost fly
Past an idle mortal, for he is who he is
A blip on the picture of existence; just like this

Sand running down the clock; the ticker of all life
With every moment that passes; like a double edged knife!
Time is the best medicine; the healer of all
So they say; old fools who’ve never fall

So deep into the depth of another person’s essence
So deep, oh so deep! Must is the presence
Of her lovely face, in my everyday mundane existence
Her lovely face, which resonated much further that visual persistence

To the very depths of my being, I let her come.
For those very depths had been torn apart; ripped from
Body, from soul, from very earth
By a beautiful mystique, face filled with mirth

That drew me to her, such inexplicable attraction
For she was one of those kind; a certain faction
Of people, who… you just fall for at first sight
Though you try to fight it, with all your might

You try to say, “No this is not real
This is not happening, false is what I feel
All of these emotions, they make no sense!
All of these things are outside the fence.”

“The fence that I’ve built, to keep away strangers”
She came, she loved and she broke my heart; showed me, that stranger
To the pain of loving, and the pain of letting go
For she left me and went on; and she became my biggest foe

Then my deepest yearning, with all my life; she was
But struggle on? Cry on as I did…? Did I see cause
For crying myself to sleep every night?
For soldiering on in a lost fight?

Then she came, my lovely lass
Who turned the clock on its head, but she did not pass
Me by, like the Strange Maiden did
She stayed with me, and partly undid

All the damage that the other had done
Then I knew she had to be the one…
Who’d be there with me every time I fall
Even when she is hurt, she would swallow all

Her pain so that she can smile the way I like
So she can talk the way, and kiss the way I like
Her to kiss me; as if to siphon off all my pain
And throw it to that infinite dark sky; the color of her mane

One thing that I will do, for the life that she has spent with me
Is to ever, never flinch from her side, never flee
Even if I have to put my life on the line
For the reason that I live is her; her handiwork, not mine.

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dancestar said...
Aug. 19, 2011 at 11:58 am
that was really good! i love all of ur poems..soo good, this one also lived up to the expectations i have from ur poems...the meaning was great...we r all looking for tht someone that is perfect for us, and more over the person who can like u said undo the damage that others have done
sN()mAan This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
Aug. 19, 2011 at 11:23 pm
Thank you once again! Really appreciate it! :)
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