August 7, 2011
By laurenxnicole BRONZE, Matawan, New Jersey
laurenxnicole BRONZE, Matawan, New Jersey
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Dear My Best Friend,

You’ll never know how much you mean to me,
Unless I write my feelings down for you to see.
You have always been there in times of need,
And let’s not forget that you taught me how to read.

In times of laughter and in times of sorrow,
Yesterday, today, and all of the days following tomorrow,
You’ve never let me down, not once, not ever.
I promise I will treasure our relationship forever.

They say you’re lucky to find just one good friend in life because they’re rare.
I guess I’m pretty blessed then – you were always right there.
And though I have several other close friends as well,
None of them can compare to you – you’re more incredible than words can ever tell.

Despite what you may think,
You’ve done a wonderful job – I don’t smoke nor drink.
I always aim to please not only myself, but you,
Because seeing you smile makes me smile too.

As a child, I said I wanted to be just like you,
But today, does this still hold true?
I may not want your exact life per se,
But if I could be even half as strong as you are, I’d be okay.

You’re not Rosa Parks, nor are you Sally Ride,
Yet whenever I talk about you, I always feel such pride.
You’re worthy of all the recognition you ever receive,
Unlike many undeserving celebrities, which is my pet peeve.

You’re a beautiful woman, inside and out,
So I never understood why you’d ever have a doubt.
But that’s just another thing I admire about you,
You’re humble regardless of the amazing things you do.

I know we’ve had our share of fights,
And sometimes semi-chaotic nights.
But you’ve always stuck by me, through the good and the bad,
And that’s the sole reason why my moving to the city in August will be somewhat sad.

Your Daughter.

The author's comments:
My teacher ahad my class write a poem for Women's History Month. I chose to write one honoring my mother, since she is my best friend and I truly admire her.

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