“If God doesn’t exist, neither does Saint Valentine.”

August 7, 2011
By laurenxnicole BRONZE, Matawan, New Jersey
laurenxnicole BRONZE, Matawan, New Jersey
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Best friend, my infallible friend,
Would you be my not-valentine?
My stark attitude will never end.
This day will be anything but divine.

Everyone should show love each day of the year,
But instead, one tries to rectify her broken relationship while hiding behind a lie.
Even though I’m alone, I will not shed a tear,
For I have you as a friend, who is better than any guy.

For years, my opinion on this “holiday” would vacillate,
But now I’m certain, just so you know.
My feelings about this “holiday” are only ones of hate.
My audacity has driven me to wear black from head to toe.

I am sharing this with you with good reason.
In contrast to other people’s façades, our laudable friendship will never end,
For it is not ephemeral like the winter season.
So I’ll try to make the best of today and not beleaguer myself because I am blessed to have you as my friend.

The author's comments:
My teacher had us write a poem about Valentine's Day. Since I don't particularly care for the holiday, I decided to regard my best friend as my valentine.

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