There I Looked

March 5, 2008
By Kaitlyn Wallace, Greenville, NC

There I looked
I saw her again
This girl I was watching
She wasn’t my friend
Her mocking ways
And tormenting stares
Made me look away
From her startling glares
I didn’t know her
Only what she used to be
A happy girl
So alive, so free
But now here she was
Her look so blank
I didn’t know
What to think
What had happened?
Had time taken its toll?
Why had it emptied
Her beautiful soul
And now I just gawk
And I become angry
Why had God let this happen,
Was he just going crazy?
No, I convince
Myself to believe
The girl I was watching
Still held the key
She was still happy
Still in control
But I couldn’t help but wonder
Why she was so cold
Her eyes full of nothing
They had long lost their light
Her face less-than-friendly
Like a dark, starless night
Those same eyes held marvel
So many years back
Beauty and poise
Why weren’t those in tact?
This girl had been taken
Away by her peers
The old her was forgotten
The old her she feared
But there she stands
The girl she is now
And she wants the old her
But doesn’t know how
Her tears drench her face
As she cries out for aid
To a God whom she had known all along
Would never fade
So off comes the make up
And down comes the hair
And now she looks back
At the mirror still there
Only this time the girl
That only used to be
Was the same bright-eyed girl
Staring back at me.

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