Everlasting Tears

March 5, 2008
By Jasmine Simms, Willisburg, KY

“Stupid!”, she screams
Echoing through my ears
Then a slap across my face
Pain that burns with intensity
Tears rush as if a floodgate had been opened
I struggle not to listen
“AM NOT!”, I scream
“Worthless child, waste of life!”
Words that sink into the soul
There, never to escape
A hurt so deep that only God himself can heal
I am then hurled in my room from a merciless push
Then an earth quaking slam of the door
My little world is left spinning
I can’t tell up from down
I can’t tell blood from tears
I lay heaped in the corner where I landed and listen
Listen to see if She will be back
You can hear things smash
As her rampage goes on
At least I’m safe in my humble abode
The room is bare, only a window
My only light is the moon that shines through
Illuminating my minuscule despairing life
With what little strength I have, I
Crawl to where the moon shines in the middle of the floor
I rock back and forth
Singing a sweet lullaby to hush
My ever going stony heart
“I am loved, I am, I AM!”
I scream it over
And over, and over
When my tiny voice had finally fled
I was silenced
It feels as though it fits
At least for now
Until her next volcanic explosion

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