Nothing to Write

March 5, 2008
By Christian Bomer, Rockford, MI

I never have anything to write,
And when I do it’s never heavy, it’s light.
I need to get my act together, to think of something every time,
But when it comes to writing my brain shrinks to the size of a dime.
Hopefully I can think of something quick,
Before my grade snaps like a stick!
I have nothing to write about, and that’s a bad habit,
My sheet of paper is still as white as a rabbit!
My friends can come up with classics off the top of their heads,
All I do when I write is stare at my pencil lead.
Here comes my teacher and I barely have half a page,
I’m going to get a bad grade and my parents won’t let me live to old age!
My teacher takes the paper…A+! I never thought I could do it!
I guess I shouldn’t have thrown a fit…

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