why you'll always be my best friend

June 8, 2011
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Because you’ve been practically my sister since sixth grade.

Because of the countless handshakes we’ve made
with all of the hip bumping,
jumping high fives,
and fist bumps.

Because of all the dance parties we have
almost every morning
when we stop at red lights
in your red van;
with people staring at us
like we are freaks.

Because you can make grape juice
come out of my nose
at three in the morning
while we watch Beetlejuice.

Because you’re the only person I feel completely comfortable
acting like a total weirdo with in public.

Because of our four hour jam sessions
playing Guitar Hero
as The Saucy Nuggets
and the fact that we can make each other laugh for a half hour
just by saying purple crayon.

Because you know how to make me laugh hysterically even when I’m bawling my eye’s out.

Because we became spit sisters when we were thirteen,
even though it was gross.

Because you’re the only person I would ever watch The Notebook with over and over again.

Because we can like the same person,
and not kill each other.

Because we like to be lame and watch Disney princess movies
like Cinderella
at our sleepovers.

Because we saw Paramore in concert together for the first time.

Because we can pretty much read each others mind and finish each others sentences.

Because we were odd and bored and so we decided to dress up like boys
when we were younger
and walk around the park.

Because we can talk for hours
and never run out of things to say,
and I can tell you anything.

Because you’re and amazing friend
and I love my fachatta.

Your silly friend

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