The End

March 4, 2008
By Stephanie Schrader, Cheney, WA

I always knew the thoughts in your head
But your were supposed to get better
Well, that’s what they said

I remember the time you locked me outside of your door
You left me there waiting
As I sat on the floor

But don’t worry the pills will make you all better
At least that’s what I thought
Until I saw the letter

Life is too hard and I want to die
I really am sorry
But I was living a lie

I know in God’s eyes what I’m doing is a crime
But nothing is worth it
I haven’t been happy for quite some time

I felt like a clone wearing a mask
Please don’t forget me
That’s all that I ask

They say it happened that day at around four
There were slits on his wrists
And pills on the floor

Now I stand with the crowd over your grave
My tears fall freely
No one expects me to be brave

No more will I see your smile or hear you laugh
But like everything else
Each life will come to pass

You were always the one who could calm my fears
You’re gone now
Who is going to dry my tears?

You gave into those thoughts and caused your own end
Now I am forced to say goodbye my lover my friend

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