Not A Chance

March 4, 2008
She’d be the kind of girl that boys
write their songs about.
Staring as she walks by, blonde hair
falling in her
cocoa eyes.
Perfect hint of pink in her
porcelain cheeks and a matching hue
in her lips.
Smiling eyes and grinning teeth
set the joyful face
in stone…
Could have been Homecoming
queen, little Miss Too Cute
for her own good…
Senior of the year.
Instead she solely resides as a
in my heart.
Image of the life that
could have been, but
was lost
in the depths
of childhood…
Not a chance to
be the

Heart throb
she was meant to be.
Not a chance to

Kiss the boy of her dreams.
Not a chance to

Impact the thousands those chicklet

teeth could have reached,

but still forever changing me.
Opening eyes and ears,
to hear what she has to

Talking to the abyss, knowing
she’s there, just out of reach but
still listening, and stretching
to touch a life she never knew before
her flame had flickered out.
Laying on the ground the rose
that should have been from her

Eighteen and in love Valentine.
Cold marble memorials
smile at the gesture.
A name sketched in stone


short existence.
Not a chance

to celebrate the success of the next step,

let alone a true beginning to life.
Wearing her memory on my wrist,
holding her hand as I make my way
across the stage…
She made it to graduation.
If not in physical form, in the
minds of those who remember.
Worn by a girl who fell in love
with a piece of a family she never met,
the smiling glint of her
bracelet compliments the shine
of her brother’s ring.
A sister held in the

invisible arms

of another…

In memory of Jennifer, The sister I never had…. I love you.

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