Come As You Are, As I Want You To Be

March 4, 2008
Today, tomorrow
Yesteryears and so much sorrow
Come as you are, as I want you to be
As pure, as true as beauty
Let go of the jester
You no longer have to put on a show
The curtains have closed
The audience have left
The doors are locked
You are alone, alone as empty can be

But how are you sure, you never know
When the next spectator
Will come through the door
Finally revealing me
As I am, as you want me to be
You can never be too sure
To careful, to secure
Too nervous, too unsure
And when they come, many will follow
Then the show will start anew
But as me, as you want me too

And that's how it should be
No holding back, no falsehood
No mask, no paint
If it's pain let it out, let it show
There is nothing you need to hold
To let them know, to let them see
Naked, true, as you are, as I want you to be

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