Poem Of Appreciation

March 4, 2008
By Darielys Tejera, Miami, FL

Two worlds, one family
Struggling in math you tutored me
Who knew that it would be more than only an equation
Before you knew it, it was more than it was meant to be

I was going through a rough storm
You came and broke the ice
Asked the question that turned my life
Never thought it was worse than it turned out to be

A year later and through some ups and downs
There is nothing I could conceal
Without you conveying it out
Out of mind, out of heart

The looser I got the tighter you held
The night we talked I was ready to end it all
Until I came undone
And you received that phone call

Through long phone calls on the phone
Saved my life more than you know
I wish I could repay you for all that you have done
It is priceless and cherished forever more

Through you I have come to learn much
About life and myself
Through the window of my eyes I see a mentor
Thank you for saving the man against my mirror

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