Poem Of Appreciation-Dr.Rosen

March 4, 2008
I will never forget how we came across
Surrounded by four baby blue walls, three sofa's and a rug
Cold to the bone, huddled like penguins
Communications group it was called

Eye to eye, face to face
There is nothing in which I could conceal
Without you conveying it out
Out of mind, out of heart

You helped me realize more than my eyes could see
How "This too shall pass"
I always took your counsel
And 'till today I still do

Our lives coalesced
A ripple of effects was caused
You made a promise to Cristina
To help me through, no matter my faults

With my ups and downs you stuck around
The looser I got, the tighter you held
You've impacted my life in ways you'll never know
Like footprints in the sand, I'll keep you at heart 'till the very end

I cherish the knowledge as well as your wisdom in which you share
The difference you make everyday
The change made in someone's life
The impact you've made to the man against my mirror.

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