We Could(Follow Your Lead)

March 4, 2008
By Justin Daniels, Murfreesboro, TN

We could run from this, we could call it quits
we could claim our hearts are empty like our wallets
but i tend to think that God, He hates liars

We could talk it out, over the phone
or we could write notes when we're alone
and put them in white envelopes to give to each other

We could pay attention to what we say
or we could just turn around, walk away
i kinda always thought we better than that
i thought right

We could not tell them, keep it a secret
or we could stop leadin' them on and end it
i just don't know, i'll follow your lead

We could, go to Walmart at midnight
or we could watch fireworks light up the sky
in fact, i think that we could do it all

We could sigh and fight all the time
or we could overlook the little lines
that we mention unknowingly

We could do whatever you want
it doesn't matter to me
i think that i'll follow your lead

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