Ninety-Four MAG

August 2, 2011
By RecklesslyYours SILVER, Durham, North Carolina
RecklesslyYours SILVER, Durham, North Carolina
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You said you wanted to be with me till we were 94,
but the more and more
I think about it I see
you played me like your own guitar,
you let me believe the distance wasn't so far,
and all the while you never gave an answer.
You let me smile and trust,
and now it's all rust
scattered in the dust,
and I must confess that I hate the fact that even though it was rushed

I guess you have another girl to share your insomnia with now,
I guess you'll tell her how she's a “cute cherry” the same way you did with me,
and I guess you've shut the door on 94
and I hope you know you can't open it back up.

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