Losing You

March 4, 2008
By Lindsay Martin, Charlotte, NC

I will stand in the rain
I will try to stay sane.
When I cry and you don’t turn,
I will hold my heart for it will burn.
When everything comes crashing down
I will not turn to you, and just the thought brings a frown.
It will no longer be you, who I confide in,
Because it is you that I’ve lost yet again.
I’ll fight through the pain
Of losing you without any gain.
When I feel all-alone in this fight with myself,
My agonizing feelings on the highest shelf.
I’ll hold my hands out, catching my tears
And face my most unwanted fears.
I’ll miss you and will always love you,
Because you were the only one who shined through.
When I get weak and collapse,
It’ll no longer be your hand I reach to grasp.
When all I want to do is run
I’ll remember not to look back, for its you who has won.
When I look for the words
To stress so many hurts
I’ll wonder why there’s so many different sorts.
I’ve always wondered if our closeness would survive.
If it would stay strong and forever alive.
I guess I know the answer to that now,
But maybe we can crawl back, someday, somehow.
I will love you forever more,
For with my frail wings I will again some day sore.

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