March 4, 2008
By Chelsea Sims, Cincinnati, OH

As I take the time to look back,
All I see is pain and even more tears.
Strength is what I lacked,
I was too scared to overcome my fears.
The words that have been used,
The things I've been put through,
The emotional and verbal abuse,
I was left with nothing left to do.
My so called friends faded alright,
I felt as if no one was there.
Days quickly faded to nights,
But still I felt like no one would ever care.
I thought things that I shouldn't,
They were so terrible to this day it makes me cry.
I tried to get away but I couldn't,
Now I wish I would've taken one more try.
I was in shock,
Some people call it denial.
I no longer had a rock,
Or anyone close by to dial.
I had no more trust to give out,
I couldn't even hear those three words that are so commonly said.
I put up with people that would scream and shout,
And I felt that I would never get ahead.
It hurt to look people in the eyes and tell them that I was okay,
Or watching the people that were so happy that their eyes would beam,
Again I waited for those long nights to turn into days,
Hoping that my life would turn into a bad dream.
All I wanted was for everything to go away,
But instead my days grew longer.
I had nothing left to do or say,
And every night I would pray that my heart would someday grow stronger.

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