I Am a Girl in a Glass Case

March 4, 2008
I am a girl in a glass case
every one sees blood on my face
As it drips along with tears,
rising, rising, are my fears
No one knows why I cry,
no one bothers to ask why
Why , oh why is this my life?
painful, secretive, sorrowful life
Though I am in a case for all to see
no one cares about me
My dress is stained with tears and blood
warm and salty, such a flood
I couldn't stop it if I wanted,
so ill sit here being unwanted
I pray for death, I know its near
its chilling presence numbs my fear
and now I die here because you lie,
you extremely selfish friend
when you told me that you cared
you mush have been dared
no one makes me feel this way
so I guess ill go away
but I cant
and there you chant
you're a girl in a glass case
your just another ugly face
I could let you out
but then my secret would be out
never again can I trust you
and so I die because of you
I will find you in your dreams
but you cant wake not in this dream
just know you remember this bloody face
just an ugly girl in a glass case

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