Upside Down Love

August 4, 2011
By MauriceHolmes BRONZE, District Of Columbia, District Of Columbia
MauriceHolmes BRONZE, District Of Columbia, District Of Columbia
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I swear you turned my whole opinion of love around
I was too high in the clouds but you brought me to the ground
And late at night before I dream of you, your voice is my ears last sound
And my love is given to you and to your heart is where I'm bound
And if you had a sea of love I would try to let myself drown
I wouldn't send for help because I wouldn't want to be found
Because your love is where I wish to stay because your love is so profound
When I first fell for you I thought you were typical but now I am astound
I'm warning you tell your love to be on watch because mine is on the I'mbound
Please, when I give you my all don't act so confound
Because you know if we weighed each others love it would be 2 tons, or 2,000 pounds
The main reason I'm here is to tell you I love you and I don't plan on ever turning around.
I know this seems like to much, like I'm just thinking my thought out loud
But its the only way I can share with you how I feel without my heads being in the clouds
This is all I have to say, so i guess this is a goodbye, but only for now.

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