The Troubles of X-Box 360

March 4, 2008
I wonder if the maker of X-Box live
Knows the grief and commotion he has caused in my life

Did he know I would become addicted
Was this obsession predicted

I wake up wanting to see if I can defeat the bad guy
When I know I should be writing the poem of my life

My room is a mess and my mom’s in distress
How can I put this silly addiction to rest

My fingers are sore and my arms going numb
Am I the only fool who can be so dumb

I don’t eat, I can’t sleep there’s no time for these things
Since I must get online to reclaim victory

The aliens, the monsters, the zombies, the worms
Would all be destroyed if folks would just let me be

Reading would be better I know for a fact
But what fun would that be with no forward attack

Dust bunnies are growing around me I know
But X-Box Live has me under it’s control

I can’t wait for summer when I don’t have to hear
“Turn that thing off and start studying dear!”

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