Baby, I'm already gone.

August 3, 2011
Baby, I'm already gone.
Don't even bother remembering my name.
Such a stupid girl. I'm just another fool in you're little games.
It broke my heart to hear the news. You left me in the dark the second you found someone new.
It's a sad, sad story when all along I knew. I was just waiting, holding on to nothing.
I'm still not okay with all the little lies I told. You turned me into someone I didn't even know.
Never thought anyone could be so cold. I was just fading, fading into nothing.
Now there's nothing left to talk about. You didn't care to fill me in.
You left without a word. Not even a sign, just the thought of what could've been.
She must be somethin' special, for you to up and leave just like that.
All those promises you made to me, they're now just knives in my back.
Should've known when you smiled, there was something in your eyes.
Something that screamed that you're no good, and to just run away and hide.
But I happily took the fall for every lie you played past that devil's grin.
Landed on the cold, hard truth of what this really is.
I could've shook my head, and gave you what I give everyone else.
Nothing more than smile, and an "I'd rather be by myself."
I could count the many ways in how you really messed this up,
but I'd rather move on, and forget about my such dumb luck.
I honestly hope you're happy. On second thought, it doesn't even matter.
She's actually just like you, everyone's already had her.
Isn't that just something? Gives me some reason to move on.
Don't even bother remembering my name.
Baby, I'm already gone.

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