The Wind

March 4, 2008
By Honey Song, Tenafly, NJ

Open up your arms
Like no one is watching you
Close your eyes
Twirl around and feel the wind dance around you
And let it lift you up into a world of fantasy

Open up your eyes
And let the wind wash your face
Don’t mind your eyes stinging
Let the tears stream down you
And cleanse you fresh and new

Tilt your head high up
Sniff around you
Sense in your nose that sweet and refreshing smell
Inhale deep with your nose
And feel that sensation again

Stick out your tongue
And let the wind
Wrap around it
I promise you that your tongue will tingle
From the sweet, sour, bitter, spicy concoction

Cup your hands around your ears
Concentrate and tilt your head
Can you hear the wind’s voice?
Whispering in your ear…
Telling you about the secrets of this world?

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