My Soul Floats Among the Living

March 4, 2008
My soul floats among the living.
I drift, as though a ghost, between the breathing.
My heart beats rapidly, though the techno beating isn't heard.
I feel lost.
I seek guidance, yet I wander, aimlessly.
I am passionate, yet I lack passion.
I walk, yet I have no direction.
I care, yet I pose upon apathy.
I'm surrounded by people, yet I feel abandoned.
My face says one thing.
My body language says something similar.
My mind is very synonymous to both.
My heart disagrees.
I love deeply, but I have yet to be as deeply loved in return.
Wake up, oh warm heart of mine.
Get with the program.
Save that kind of love for those moments where your cavity can't breathe
The moments where you race faster than the usual techno.
Save some love for the one out there who knows exactly what you need, and that needs you just the same in return.
Oh my heart! How you guide me so!
Let's let the mind take over for awhile.
You only cause me pain.

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