Adieu, .... Bonjour et Bienvenue

August 13, 2011
Adieu, I bid you,
Adieu, Adieu,
Adieu, It will be,
from now and forever.

Adieu, to the pain,
Adieu, to the insults,
Adieu, to you all.
Adieu, from now and forever

Never I’m I going to see you,
Never I’m I going to cry again.
Adieu, to the hurt,
Adieu, to the unpleasantness,
Adieu, to the world I have known.

Adieu, to you and Adieu to me.
It is time to go,
It is time to say
Bonjour et Bienvenue.

Bonjour et Bienvenue,
to everyone,
Happiness, I will emulate,
Love, I will seek.
Pain, I will kill,
Sorrow, I will burn.

Never, I’m I going to hurt again.
Never, will I let anyone, or anything,
tell me other wise,
It is time to take control again,
It time to read the manual of life.

I am my controller,
I am my brain,
It is time to take control again,

Adieu, to all,
Bonjour et Bienvenue pour moi.

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