March 4, 2008
Back in September
Was when I met you
Several years back
I now stand in truth

Back in october
Was when I first fell
And tripped on the love
That put me in hell

Back in November
Was when I first thought
That you could adjust
The lid and the pot

Back in December
Was when I first froze
Because I was no longer walking
With toes of my own

Back in January
Was when I first melted
Into tears of regret
'Cause you no longer felt it

Back in February
Was when I first held
On to the characters in my book
Leaving the shelf

Back in March
I lived my first green
Mellow me out
Silence is seen

Here comes April
I open my eyes
The thief and the victim
Are both in disguise

I'm no longer staying
No longer waiting
The months keep passing
And the sun keeps fading

Back to September
It's the way of the song
I hear my heart whisper
Your voice says, "Life Goes On."

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