Do You Really Know Me?

August 12, 2011
By ginger215 BRONZE, Lakeland, Florida
ginger215 BRONZE, Lakeland, Florida
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People walk past me & look
They see me & think what they may
But they don’t truly know me
So this is what I have to say
Don’t look at me & think I’m special
With my blue eyes & vibrant red hair
Because I’ll tell you I’m nowhere near it
But you don’t really seem to care
My BFF may think she knows me
But that’s not entirely true
I’ve kept certain things hidden from her
Especially those times in my life that were blue
Ya’ll know me as a girl who goofs off
But that’s the only part you know
There’s another part deep inside me
That wants to be let out & grow
I expose it a little
& try with all my might
But ya’ll push it down
Without even a fair fight
Now when you look at me
Will you look for something more
“Is she just a goodie-two-shoe?...
Or is she really hardcore?”

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