I Know What to Do

March 4, 2008
By Soundra Garner, Troy, NC

i know what to do
to make mama proud
be real quiet
don't talk to loud
keep out of her way
do what she says
if you don't
your good as dead
she hides it
as the days go by
not much you can do
so you sit and cry
why does she do this?
it gets blamed all on you
she hits because your weak
theres nothing you can do
shes a whole lot bigger than you
take the beating
and all the neglect
keep feeding her with the respect
don't let her hurt you
don't sit and cry
as she hits you
you became stronger on the outside
taking the pain
it's all you can do
it's mental now
you feel like you got screwed
she plays with your mind
you hurt yourself
it's what you are used to
on the outside
the outside pain
is always what you felt
now it's on the inside
something you haven't been able to delt
she knows that
it makes he stronger
makes your days go by much longer
can't decide what to do
in your mind
you getting screwed
how can a person be that mean?
you have to look
in there child history
her mom did it
now it's to you
your getting hurt
because your mom's hurting to
she sees herself
as the kid you now are
the way she hits you
and grabs you arms
she sees herself
when she does that to you
your getting hurt
cause your mom did too.

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