The Essence Of Me

March 4, 2008
Who am I but a young girl
Only 15 years of age

Yet I am not just a young girl I am a soul
A soul that erupts with fire and passion

I am calmed by the music of older generations

I am a writer
A person who sets paper ablaze with raw emotion and turns a pencil into an engine of destruction rivaling any missile

I am peaceful
One who strives to have everyone share one love

I am unique
A person who lives in the darkness of misunderstanding and wraps herself in the comforting shade of solitude

I am driven
A person possessed by a intrinsic force to beat the demons of her past quietly into submission

I am shy
One who is timid like a new born
kitten who has just opened its eyes

I am self-conscious
A person who shelters herself from the cruel reality that is society

These attributes?
Alone they mean nothing
Together they construct this young girl

This is what makes me

Kaytlyn Elizabeth

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