physics class loathing

August 10, 2011
By blachottie GOLD, Ellettsville, Indiana
blachottie GOLD, Ellettsville, Indiana
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Test after test I fail
Nothing seems to stick in my mind
I try to study like I should
Nut there is no hope
I think I do well but no
I just can’t learn this stuff
Every day is such a bore
Its notes, labs or tests
Hate to protest but I
Do my best and it is just not
What the teacher expects
It makes me so mad
And leaves me so very sad
But I know it’s my fault I’m not glad
There are few fun times to be had
Boring it is, no time for bliss
I can’t wait to be dismissed
This is a class that I dread
I get no sleep on my bed
Then I have to be fed
This revolting physics med
Cannot pay attention because
The sun draws my vision
I am now in a maze and
Physics is lost in the haze
This class I can’t face
Nothing staying; everything is flying
I just want to say good bye and
Leave this class far in the past
Happy from the day that is coming
And I can be free from this physics class loathing

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hated physics

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