March 3, 2008
The winter sun sets,
all is calm
for it is a silent ending
from a jubilant beginning.

Tis the changing of years
the beginning of days
feelings, even more powerful
than ever before.

The days of yester
the days of old
speak of fruitful times
of new experiences

Thoughts rage
as the body thrists
for that feeling
of new sensations

But now in the new beginning
thoughts must grow
for there is a quest for knowledge
and with that we experience

and love

the future rests in our minds
our bright ever thinking minds
I view the mind as a universe
so vast that we only know certain galaxies

We may never truly find
the capabilities we possess

But we shall never cease
in finding new things
in finding great possiblities
and on this new day
in finding the future of our lives

we look and see the sun rise
we see change for the better
and sometimes for the worst
but change is for us to understand
and to see the world, with open minds

that is change

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