Does Love Exist

March 3, 2008
Does love really exist
Like the air around us and
the moonlight and fog.
Does it really exist?

Like the air in the sk
the frostbite in the winter.
the dying leaves in autumn
the heat in the summer.

Does it exist like the wars?
the holocaust and hurricanes?
Like the rain in April and
the flowers in May?

Some would say yes while
others would say no.
I agree with the people who say
yes it does.

You can feel love all around you
it's when you get a hug or kiss
You know it's with you when
you're happy and not mad or sad

It's like God's greatest gift
to this troubled world so many problems
Love is spending time with your family
or even your pet dog!

But my question for you is
are you with the non-believer's
or are you with the believer's?
It's your choice

We've all expierienced love
at one time or another
So my other question for you is
does love really exist?

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