August 10, 2011
By acejokerY_Y BRONZE, Bell Gardens, California
acejokerY_Y BRONZE, Bell Gardens, California
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When you are old

And beauty is but a pile of sand

Blown away by the wind of ages

That's when you realize all is lost

And you wait to be turn into dust

Your eyes have a fated look

As if looking back at time itself

Trying to reach the unthinkable

But never finding anything

Not an inch of happiness is left on your face

But you know why you live in agony

You envy the people who are beautiful

You wish to be like them

But you are older and you cry

Remembering the days of your beauty

Wishing to be like the phoenix

Who can rebirth itself

But you cant so you wait your trial

And live your last years in happiness

And sorrow

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