Melted Ice

March 3, 2008
By Christina Carstens, Glen Ellyn, IL

Seeing me off at the Dearborn Station
“Better you than me,” Mom said
My hands were like ice and I teetered
The whole town knew Grandma was trigger-happy

My first day here!
I could have flopped on the weeds and cried my eyes out
“Can this girl read and cipher?”
Fifteen…trying to die of shame
Oil them brains before they rust

Little changes stirring inside me
Tears in my eyes
“Grandma, you’re beautiful”
The ice melted
I hadn’t lived with her for nothing
Round-trip ticket to Chicago for me
From Grandma
Christmas with Mother, Dad and Joey

Sixteen years old
We Finish - Only to Begin
I want to stay here
Go on home
I don’t lock my doors

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