On The Loss

August 9, 2011
Dear Friend,

I hope you see the happiness,
not the sadness, the crime and war,
as you are up in the heavens
Shining as a star.
We remember you and the glorious life
you lived and shared with us.
We remember how you overcame the strife
of the many years to come.
As you twinkle in the sky,
Our grief is not your worry.
We know you said goodbye.
You did not leave in a hurry.
So, my friend, as your soul takes leave
I hope, I pray you can remind us
that Finally, you have achieved blessed release
That the light you shed is finally is upon us.
You are not distant
but now no longer close
No longer mortal
I shall miss you with my heart and soul.

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Archana said...
Aug. 15, 2011 at 12:23 am
We do not realise how many lives we touch each day. How loved we are.......
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