March 3, 2008
when i look up at the stars in the sky
i can't but help to wonder why
we are here and what we are for
and why im not as happy anymore
maybe i just need a girl to make smile
a girl that will stick by me for a while
too bad no girls will give me the chance
they think all i want is to get in their pants
but thats not me im not like most guys
i tell the truth and not hollow lies
they think i just say want i think they want to hear
but thats really how i feel theres nothing to fear
i want nothing more than to hold her tight
while watching a movie on a friday night
with her in my arms i could never be upset
it would be a night i couldn't soon forget
no girls see that my feelings are true
and when i ever tell them they don't know wat to do
i'd rather not tell them, risk losing a friend
and thats just my life begining to end

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