Days, Days, Days and All so many Days

August 9, 2011
Today is a boring day, A Cloudy day, why can't the sun come out and shine today? Boring days can be relaxing day, Fun days can be wild days, all days can be great days, and Days turn in to Hours turn in to Weeks turn in to Months and then years, days why so many days, there are fun days and boring days. All so many days are so different but yet also for of the same, why can't days be like hurricanes, why can't hurricanes wash the sad day’s away, Days day of all days... Days makes us pay for each and every claim of life weather its school or work each day is a day of life good or bad day is today. Whether it’s the past, present and or future there are just so many days in each month, days, days , days we pray for good days and yet also bad days. Why can’t all days just be like all other days? Days, Days, Days why so many days look like cloudy sad days and why do some days have to be so sunny and so bright with the sun in our eyes make us can’t see the day until night the moon shines not to bright but not to dark neither, days are good and yet bad, days are many ways of good. Good day’s bad days we all have days.

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