Me and You

March 3, 2008
By adrienne branch, Basking Ridge, NJ

I am the waves crashing against the sand
I am the rain clashing against your window
I am the screaming sound of your music
I am the bracelet that rests upon your wrist
I am the pencil that you write your songs with
I am the sweatshirt that you threw away
I am your heart beating over and over again
I am the thoughts that flow through your head
I am the tears that fall down your face
I am the shoes that are placed on your feet
I am the dreams that you wished you dreamed
I am the rip in your jeans
I am the styled and the seam
I am the poster that hangs upon the wall
I am the tune that you whistle all day long
I am the stacked DVDs that you never touched
I am the unnoticed trash can filled to the top
I am the wooden floor that you walk on with your dirty shoes
I am the sound of the wind whispering in your ear
I am the devil and angel that rests on each shoulder of yours
I am the smile that you smile with your perfect teeth
I am the one that made you laugh and better when you cried
I am the girl that looking into your eyes and wished that you were mine
I am the girl that accepted you for who you are
I am your best friend but the truth is I have loved you from beginning to end.

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