In One Brief Decision

March 3, 2008
In one brief decision
She lost it all.
She lost all her dreams
And all she would become.

She had heard stories before
Of what to not do;
“Don’t get in the car
When a drunk driver asks you.”

She never thought she would.
She was better then that,
But the one night she did
She would never be the same.

When she got in the car
And started to drive away
She didn’t feel right
But went anyway.

That one wrong turn
Ruined everything that night.
The last thing she remembers
Was and ambulance driving towards her.

Once she awoke in the hospital bed,
She learned that everyone she had been with was dead.
Never again would she hear Cassidy laugh.
Not once more would she see Rebecca smile.
Never again would she see Mays deep blue eyes.

And it’s all because of the Driver who had drank
And all because of a split decision that ended up being bad.

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