Noticing I'm Pessimistic

March 3, 2008
By Justin Lowe, Liberty, MO

noticing im pesimistic,

i look into a glass of ice water.

i feel the water wash over me.

its cold, it feels like a thousand knives stabbing every inch of my body.

its almost full, half way there.

"come on in, the waters fine" i hear it ringing in my head.

i shout out a warning, "no!" i try and yell.

but water rushes in. i try to get to the surface, but im not fast enough,

i know im not going to make it but my will to live wont let me stop.

im almost there, but im running out of breath.

a few more feet, one last shuddering gasp.

the end. its over

slowly, my body floats up to the surface.

im back in my room,

staring at a glass of water,

the glass is half empty.

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