Walking Down a Long Corridor

March 3, 2008
walking down a long corridor,

i see a shadow at the end.

i speed up, but im not sure why.

faster and faster, getting closer.

the shadow makes a sudden movement,

suddenly slowing down,

i realize who it is; my true love!

i speed up,

desperate to get to her, to hear her voice, see her face.

again i grow rapidly slower, after i realize a shocking fact.

shes weilded a gun pointed right at where my heart is.

"no" i hear myself whisper,


she pulls he trigger, fiery hot metal enters and exits my chest.

i fall to the floor barly alive, her face appears over mine.

"goodby" she whispers in my ear, gun in my face,

a single tear in her eye.

she pulls the trigger a final time................

i open my eyes, staring at my bedroom ceiling.

drenched in sweat.

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